Martin festival great experience

To the editor:

The Steubenville Dean Martin Festival is always worth the trip, so much so that we come from Canada every year to enjoy it. We have met many other fans from all over the United States and look forward to seeing them and meeting new fans.

People at the Spot Bar, Naples restaurant, the police department and the home-town people of Steubenville make us feel so welcome. The festival raises money to help the local high school music programs and brings revenue to local businesses.

We would like to make sure Lou Martini Jr. of the “Sopranos” receives proper acknowledgment, which it did not seem he receieved. Lou has been the master of ceremonies for many years now, coming from New Jersey at his own expense. He should not be ignored. He is the main reason we and many others travel to Steubenville at all. We tourists can celebrate Dean Martin anywhere.

Of course, one of the many people who make Steubenville so welcoming is the No. 1 person, Mayor Domenick Mucci. Even though he has never been an actor on the “Sopranos” like Martini, he is certainly Steubenville’s No. 1 celebrity.

Lorenzo Suriano

Kitchener, Canada