Questions about prescriptions

To the editor:

There are so many people charged with prescription drugs, they either use them to get high or they sell them to get something stronger. I know a person whose doctor prescribed about 14 prescriptions at one time for two or three different ailments. Besides that, four or more were for pain pills and they had three or more refills on them. Then, the pharmacy filled them. And when they were empty, they would fill them again until there were no more refills left. Then the person would see the doctor again to get more refills.

I think the doctor should be checked out, along with the pharmacy that filled the prescriptions. I’m sure they keep records of these transactions.

Maybe the law will change the rules on how many drug prescriptions one person can take and by looking at what happens when you take these pills together.

Some people go to the doctor and complain about their ailments and the doctor just gives them a prescription. Why doesn’t the doctor send them to a hospital to have them checked out and then prescribe the proper medication?

I don’t think people should lay the blame on the user or seller of prescription drugs, though most of the blame should lie with the doctors who prescribe the drugs and the pharmacies that fill them.

Ron Fullerton