Questions about using Lincoln

To the editor:

In response to the letter “Timely thoughts for America” (June 30), I must be in dreamland to read a letter quoting Abraham Lincoln and all his great kindness toward us all.

Lincoln made America a proud country to end through all the years of pain. My thoughts are this – using a man who for his greatness gave his life to help others is an insult and a shame of his good name. If you use his terms of beliefs, our country would be better off. These close-minded people even use Martin Luther King to keep our country in ruin, and, yes, it’s almost in ruin over greed, selfishness and darn-right ignorance.

God said all are his children, he did not say, “Well you got money, you’re mine now.” No, the quote talks about the love of money and that you can’t serve two masters. How can the love of God be in any person who closes his compassion on another – you are sadly mistaken and you need to seriously think of your own soul, for you sound misguided in your efforts to turn prosperity into a blessing from God.

I’ll end with this: Christ after he said these words said you are accountable for your soul tonight, repent and turn to the true Christ’s love for others. In his name, amen

William Murray