Sickness has not slowed writer down

To the editor:

I’m writing this letter on behalf of me – I have a disability but is active in everyday things. I get looks at times from different people who may think there is nothing wrong with me, and many people ask me if I work or not. I do have a disability (epilepsy) and have had it for 24 years. Within the 24 years that I have had the sickness, I have never given up in life of doing things I wanted to do or let it stop me from doing things. I have gone through some rough years with this sickness, and I will say it isn’t fun having or living with this sickness.

Through my lifetime, I have been put on many different medications and have had some switched to others and still, after all this, up to this point in my life, nothing seems to help. To this day I still average one or two episodes a month.

If some people would look at me today and just take a good look at the outside of me, they would think that I’m well and probably ask themselves how come I’m never working or holding a job. I will say that I do take care of myself. I walk daily for exercise, and I’m not a person who sits around all the time to let it waste away. This walking helps me, and even on days I don’t feel like doing it, I push myself to do it.

This might help the body, but it doesn’t help the sickness. If you would look on the inside, the sickness is still there and I have to deal with this for the rest of my life.

As a Christian, I believe God can heal, and why I haven’t healed yet, I don’t know. I will say I won’t give up my faith because I’m not getting healed. If I have to live with these for the rest of my life, so be it. I will serve God until he comes back, and when he does, I will be free from them.

John Fullerton