Thoughts for a safe summer

To the Editor,

As we leave the Fourth of July celebrations behind us, let’s take some time to think how we can make the rest of the summer a little bit safer. And maybe, just maybe, some points on how to do things injury free.

1. Fireworks. If you have them, use them to entertain, not to harm. Example, if you have children under 13, my advice would be to have a parent, or somebody older, to light the fireworks.

2. When buying fireworks, be sure to place them in a cool place, and away from any open flame.

3. Travelling. Since we are in the month of July, remember that next month, or even the end of this month, college folk will be running amuck to heir local colleges. So, be careful out there when you travel. Your children will be so excited to go back to school soon.

4. NFL training camps. The Pittsburgh Steelers start July 26. So if you are traveling around the Latrobe, Pa. area at this time, especially on State Route 30, please take caution.

5. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Watch out for the other guy. And let’s be careful out there!

Kevin Neverly