Thoughts on random topics

To the Editor,

Random thoughts.

Moral behavior has to begin within the individual or it has no value. I did it because mommy told me isn’t going to justify wrong when mommy isn’t around.

The Intelligentsia like to report that schools don’t educate our children in the history of our country. Now let’s explore that thought. What history do we want to report? The conservative, liberal, fictional or the truth? the folks doing the complaining are the ones adding what “if” to historical facts – If General Lee could have seen over the rolling hills at Gettysburg, General Pickett’s charge across Cemetery Ridge would have never happened and Lee and the South would have won. Ho! Hum!

Every religion has its version of its god dealing out justice. Some are smart enough not to brag about it and identify their enemies.

There’s an internal drive in every living organism to survive that might be the drive that causes the desire for ever-lasting life.

Were humans created or a by-product or muck. Due to man’s behavior, muck is gaining in the debate.

The holier-than-thou in every religion reasons why they are going to heaven and even sows seeds of doubt whether any other religion has a chance of going. Ho! Hum!

Women are the most complex minded joy to have as a partner, the good Lord put on this Earth to complicate man’s existence. Oh what fun!

A gun for protection. It all depends on how one defines protection.

It’s the 21st Century and we aren’t talking plow points. We are talking 7 billion people, no secrets and nowhere to hide.

Steve Kopa