Victims have rights

To the Editor,

It’s time to speak out for victims’ rights. I know this is lengthy, but it needs to be said.

Victims of crimes need to have some rights. They need help getting back on their feet, and victims who have endured a family member committing crimes against them need to have rights to protect themselves further from these criminals.

It should not be up to the victim to have to pay for a divorce from a person who is serving life in jail. A judge should automatically grant a divorce in a case such as this, if the person is in jail for committing crimes against their family.

By law, the criminals have the right to defend themselves if they choose – by taking away from the family members who were abused. There is something horribly wrong here with our justice system, folks.

A divorce should be granted if a person committed a crime against their family and is serving life. They shouldn’t be entitled to anything, not even a chance to go to a divorce hearing.

I am speaking out for all victims who have endured such nonsense. I am taking a stand for all victims who have to fight hard to survive. The victims did not create the problem, the criminals did, but they have more rights than the victims do. They live their lives in jail, protected like babies. They have health care, food, all the books they can read, television and computers. They have privileges they should not have.

Our government officials need to take a stand to help victims of crime instead of the criminals. Someone please stand tall and get some new laws to protect victims from the criminals in their own families.

I support women and children suffering from domestic abuse, and I have seen some walk away from the dangers they were living in and rejoiced that they were free. They also were happy, but I also saw them struggle to survive on a day-to-day basis.

Many women don’t leave abusive situations because they are afraid of not having what they need for their children or themselves. It is scary to go out on your own and try to take care of your own needs, let alone your children’s needs.

I am standing for all those who have suffered domestic abuse, both female and male and especially children. Laws need changed for the benefit of victims of violent crimes and domestic abuse crimes.

What a disgrace this justice system is! I want someone to hear me. I am so ready to speak out in public and help victims of domestic crime. Stop the madness; help the victims and change laws for the benefit of the victims, not the criminals.

Diane Huggins