Area showed hospitality

To the editor:

To the residents of Ohio for their gracious hospitality and all those whose hard work and dedication were evident in the planning and execution of the JHM Heritage Trail events of the weekend of July 27-28: On behalf of Brig. General John Hunt Morgan (Bill) and myself (Mattie Morgan,) we wish to extend a most heartfelt thank you for allowing us to be a part of the various ceremonies that marked the passage of he and his men as they traveled through your state, on those days long ago. The people of Bergholz, Riley’s church, Wellsville and the surrounding areas were so very kind and welcoming. Quite a difference from the general’s first trip through your beautiful towns. No one chasing or taking aim at him this time.

Special thanks to Curt and Virginia Glenn and their entire family for their acceptance of us into their lives, home and hearts. Much appreciation to Bob and Polly Givens for the use of the cabin – thank you. Thank you to Uncle Mike always working behind the scenes, with a ready smile and a warm hug. We enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and hope to see you again soon. With the kindest of regards,

Laura Nordan

Paris, Ky.