Bothersome things

To the Editor,

A couple of things bother me. Why are the Obama administration and the liberals so intent on trying to shut down Fox News? This is the only network where you can hear opposing views on the liberal agenda.

I admire the Daily Times for their printing of the words of such columnists such as Williams, Sowell, Barone, Malkin, Thomas, Charen and maybe some I missed.

I enjoy reading these writers and listening to Fox as much as you liberals enjoy MSNBC and other liberal outlets. Maybe the old saying, “the truth hurts” is why Obama and company want to silence Fox.

Make no mistake, the Obama administration is heading us to a socialist type government. There is no way Obamacare is going to work.

If a person has no job, how are they going to pay for health insurance?

Looks like another program for the tax payer. I just can’t think of one thing that Obama has done that was beneficial for the country. I know of many that have and others that will do no good for the country.

The other thing that bothers me is these people who use the “separation of Church & State” in the Constitution for the purpose of removing religious things from public property. Some of these things, such as the Ten Commandments, have been on display in public buildings for more than 50 years. If there was no objection to its placement then, why should it be removed now? To those of you who object to its presence I say turn your head some other way.

I think a way to solve this issue, is to put it to a vote. At the next general election, place it on the ballot like “Does the display of the Ten Commandments in or on public buildings or property bother you?” Yes or No.

If 51 percent say No ( I feel the percentage would be much higher) then those that are not happy would have to live with it.

We vote for a president every four years. I lose. I have to live with it for four years right? So let’s vote every four years on this issue.

On one TV program someone had an atheist as a guest, and this pinhead asked who made God? Maybe there is something or someone responsible for the universe but until someone can explain how the earth and how mankind came about, I will be a strong believer, that there is a God and He created the universe and mankind.

In closing, what do you think of this guy Weiner running for mayor of NYC? Sad part, he might get elected!

God bless us!

Ray Kaczynski