Concert helped food pantry

To the editor:

He sat down on the stool and removed his sandals. I wondered how many miles he would have walked in the hour-and-a-half journey he soon would be on as he kept time with the music. A crowd of more than 200 people had gathered in the barn and were being unusually quiet as they waited for the event to begin. A gentle breeze drifted through the huge open doors.

Finally, it was time.

He slowly adjusted the microphone and began to speak. He humbly smiled as he mentioned that he really looked forward to performing in the barn every year. He thanked the people for coming and the hosts for asking him to return. When he began to play the stunning white piano and sing, the crowd came alive with excitement as they enjoyed a spectacular concert by Ron Retzer and the Chrisagis Brothers. Retzer not only entertained with his music, but he enlightened the folks about the piano and also that when we hear certain notes played, we instantly know that the song was from the 1950s.

Before he began to sing “Crazy,” he said that Willie Nelson actually wrote the song, which was made popular by Patsy Cline. When he mentioned that he was going to sing a song about “having a beer with Jesus,” he suggested we listen to the ending before we formed an opinion. The crowd became hushed, and when the song was completed, there were a few teary eyes followed by a roaring applause from the people.

The harmony with Retzer and the Chrisagis Brothers as they sang together was breathtaking. What a great blessing the afternoon was, not only for the people at the concert, but what a blessing it is going to be to have our food pantry at Two Ridges Presbyterian Church stocked with the overwhelming gifts of canned goods, cereals and much needed food items the guests brought to the concert.

I’d like to thank Geary and Mary Kay Bates for their hospitality and for the extra space of their barn and parking for our annual church picnic and concert. And a special thank you to the Chrisagis Brothers and to Ron Retzer’s “One Pair of Hands” that brought me a special blessing. (As it simply amazes me how both hands cooperate with each other to make such beautiful music.)

Mary M. Paice