Fair tax offers many advantages

To the editor:

I attended the We the People Ohio Valley meeting Aug. 1. Jim Ullom, Ohio’s 6th District fair tax director pointed out the advantages of the fair tax. Here are a few that got my attention:

The IRS is greatly reduced or eliminated.

There are no payroll, estate, gift or business taxes. If corporate taxes are eliminated, businesses from around the world would flock to America, manufacturers will move back home and when you call your computer help line they may even speak English.

No IRS returns – April 15 would be just another spring day.

No federal withholdings from your pay check.

You don’t have to save your receipts for a day, let alone seven years.

The end user is the only one who pays taxes – the farmer, the miller, the baker, Kroger nor their employees pay federal taxes.

The consumer pays a 23 percent tax added to the cost of a loaf of bread. The price could be about the same as it was prior because of the taxes saved along the way.

How does that allow the United States to have enough tax income to run the country? Everybody pays, it doesn’t matter if they are drug dealers, illegal immigrants, foreign visitors or the kid down the street selling lemonade – they pay when they buy their lemons and sugar.

The money is collected by licensed businesses and the states, and both get to keep one quarter of 1 percent of the money collected, with the rest passed on to the federal government.

Now, the IRS picks winners and losers, takes a big portion for itself and than passes it on to the federal government to waste before they dole out to the states as they see fit to promote their agendas.

Does Obamacare pay-to-play come to mind?

The best thing about the fair tax – all those senators and congressman who benefit from the lobbyists trying to get tax reductions for their corporations will go away.

Why do you think Bill Johnson said, “I like the fair tax, but I like the flat tax better?”

With the flat tax, nothing changes – we still have the IRS and we still have lobbyists who dump money into the politicians’ war chests, and soon we will be right back where we are now.

What is prebate?

Everyone, it doesn’t matter if you make $30,000 a year or $30 million. You send a request for the prebate to the Social Security office yearly, with how many legal adults live in the home, married or unmarried and how many children reside there. You will be sent a monthly check for around $200 per adult and $70 per child to compensate for the taxes you paid on necessities.

If you don’t want the government involved, don’t apply.

Steubenville For Liberty will be showing the documentary “The Corruption of the IRS and the Fair Tax Solution” when available in November.

Chuck White