Let’s stop this blight on society

To the editor:

This letter is regarding the story about the father who spoke out on drug abuse by children. I was touched at the parent’s response to his child’s death.

The issue of drugs and addiction is an issue for all the locals to be concerned with. Dealing with drug addicts at any level has cost our society as a whole too much and needs to have some final closure for all to get some peace. We who live here in Jefferson County, and who live as well in Steubenville, need to remember alcohol is a drug too, so we show in society it’s cool to drink or party. The drug issue is kept quiet, too, but how long do we have to see the loss either in tax abuse with welfare, with drug addicts using their benefits to buy drugs? We here in Steubenville just close our eyes to our neighbors who do it – we allow them to use benefits for good to be used for bad, but does our social system of governing help?

Well, alas, they get paid either way, mostly from our taxes. Where do we draw the line? These are simple suggestions – drug test welfare recipients as well as school children older than 14 , and as well those who participate in school sports, too.

In closing, this reader is so tired of hearing of all these losses – we all need to come together to stop this blight on all our society.

William Murray