Meeting to center on smart meters

To the editor:

I have written two letters to the editor voicing my concerns about smart meters. Smart meters are replacing your electrical, water and gas meters with wireless technologies so they can read them from remote locations. They also want to monitor your consumption. The office of state Sen. Lou Gentile, D-Steubenville, has been meeting with the Public Utilities Commission Ohio to try to come up with a opt-out program for those of us who do not wish to have a smart meter on our homes. Gentile’s office sent us a copy of the draft PUCO opt out program for Ohio. Responses from citizens to PUCO or Gentile’s office are needed prior to the opt-out program meeting on Tuesday.

PUCO has chosen to go with a canned response the same as some other states’ opt-out programs. They have offered another choice to the people and families of Ohio – either the citizens of Ohio can allow a dangerous, surveillance device on our home that monitors our behavior, our energy consumption and emits dangerous pulsed electromagnetic frequencies which does not comply with standards of the United States or Canada, or we can make a choice. The choice is to let AEP violate us a little less by accepting an offer for an opt-out program at our expense.

Does this sound fair or is it simply extortion? They want you to pay to have an untested uncertified smart meter that you did not ask for removed and to have your old analog meter re-installed. AEP has already been paid several times over by the federal government and the consumer for this smart meter and it wants you to pay every single month until you die so is can justify its costs. So they want you to pay for the privilege of not having your privacy violated, or have your personal data collected and sold to a third party, or shared with law enforcement or even pay not to be exposed to cancer and genetically altering EMF. This sounds like something gangsters do.

PUCO says that the cost passed on to the customer to keep their old meter is to cover the cost of manually reading the meter. However, they fail to tell us that in large rural areas of Ohio such as Guernsey County, people call in their meter readings.

The bottom line is what are our civil rights worth? You may be OK having your personal privacy and information exploited and shared with people you do not know. You maybe willing to have a device on your house that bombards you with dangerous electromagnetic radiation 24-7 and if you are not, you will pay for it.

For information on the dangers of smart meters go to Please call Gentile’s office by Tuesday at (614) 466-6508 or call or write PUCO and tell them this is not a fair and equitable solution and they should be representing citizens and not the utility companies.

Charlie Blake