Mingo distribution was a success

To the editor:

Thanks again, Ohio Valley, for your generous donations to Mingo Social Services.

The school distribution was a great success.

Many thanks to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Riesbeck’s, World Radio Telecommunications, Wheeler Funeral Home, Zimnox Coal, Tri-State Charities, Harmony Methodist Women, First United Methodist Outreach and St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church.

The individual citizens of the Ohio Valley are the most caring and generous. Thanks to all of you.

The Mingo Social Services volunteers are the greatest. I can’t thank them enough for all the hours they put in to make each distribution a success. They include Dorothy Mazik, Ken Mazik, Jim McClung, Ron Mitchell, Mary Alice Mitchell, Kathy Brockway, Harry Brockway, Cathy Risdon, Barbara Kaufman, Joyce White, Bill Saffle, Judy Eddy, Becky Rager, Aaron Dickey, Denise Bennington, Kim Crugnale, Chris Taylor, Corey Coss, Kaleb Knowlton, Taylor Bennington, Alexis Bennington, Sydney Bennington, Kala Petrella, Randy DiCarlo and Alexis Rager.

May God bless you.

Sophia Schoolcraft

Director, Mingo

Social Services