There’s no real parallel here

To the editor:

Once again a contributor to this page has compared apples to oranges and tried to make us believe he got lemonade.

There are virtually no parallels in the Roderick Scott story when compared with the Zimmerman-Martin case (“Interesting parallel in Zimmerman case,” July 28.) Scott was awakened in his house by noise from three males trying to break into his car parked in his driveway. (Zimmerman was in a truck in a neighborhood not his own.) Scott asked his girlfriend to call 911 while he armed himself with his registered firearm and went outside. He confronted the youths, who were at that point rummaging through a neighbor’s car, told them he was armed and asked them to wait for the police. (Zimmerman never observed Martin doing anything illegal, yet followed him with a gun.) Scott, while on his own property, fired his weapon when one of the males ran at him. (Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him but would have been unable to retrieve his gun from its position, tucked in the waistband at the small of his back, had he not already drawn the weapon.) Scott was immediately arrested and charged with murder. (Zimmerman was free for 44 days before public outcry forced police to charge him.) A grand jury reduced Scott’s charge to manslaughter and a jury found him not guilty.

This killing was proven to have been justified. The immediate and major differences were the preponderance of individuals committing crimes, the nature of the undisputed criminal behavior of the individuals and the fact that this occurred at Scott’s home. He did not chase anyone down because of how they looked, or were dressed. Had there been three Trayvon Martins walking back from 7-11 with Skittles and Arizona Tea, it still would not have been appropriate for Zimmerman to follow or shoot any of them. The only way these cases are similar is that a teenager died. One because he looked like a “thug,”‘ according to a man who was patrolling a neighborhood he didn’t live in, the other because he was committing a crime and chose to attack a man who identified himself as armed.

And that “fact” that 11,000 African-Americans have been killed by other African-Americans in the 513 days between Martin’s murder and the verdict? Not true. ( The vast majority of murders are committed by and on people of the same race.

Remember the outcry when a woman in Georgia accused two black teens of shooting her baby? The parents have now been implicated in the murder. Where was this reported?

Intellectually honest people actually do research. Intellectually honest people don’t make up facts. Intellectually honest people don’t take statistics and attempt to mold them to their own agenda. It would be interesting if this newspaper required accuracy in submissions. That’s unlikely to happen so it’s up to you to find the truth. If someone shouts political agenda, it’s usually them pushing one. Opinions are not facts, despite what they want you to believe.

Sharon Davis Green