Unhappy with official

To the Editor,

My name is Nick R. Fuscardo Sr. I live in Weirton, and own a barber shop.

I have been working on a disagreement with the tax department dealing with a personal property tax being imposed on businesses including their tools of trade. I feel that this tax is unfair.

I started this campaign in October 2012 to stop this tax. I contacted Senator Jack Yost for his help. He agreed to help me.

I set up a town hall meeting and invited officials from the county, state, and city.

I contacted Mr. Yost numerous times to remind him of the upcoming meeting. Senator Yost contacted me the morning of the meeting to tell me he would not attend as scheduled. I needed him there in attendance to help sponsor a resolution.

I am unhappy and angered that I had to cancel the meeting because of him.

I intend to do whatever I can to help defeat him in the next election.

I think we should be able to take our elected officials at their word. But he did not keep his.

Nick R.Fuscardo Sr.