You can’t fix stupid

To the Editor,

Over the years my dad taught me many things that you can’t learn in school. When I was young he told me something that is very relevant today. You can’t fix stupid!

I listen to liberals spew their babble and I take it for what it is worth. Then I have to listen to liberals invoke Thomas Jefferson in their quest to berate Rush Limbaugh, talk radio and cable news. What a joke! My dad knew what he was talking about.

Today, anybody that chastises the conservative news media and does not take Barnum Obama to the woodshed for what he has allowed and nurtured with the NSA and the IRS is just another clown in Barnum Obama’s Circus. Liberals invoke the name of Thomas Jefferson and freedom of the press, yet have their heads buried in the sand. They seem to forget or ignore what Barnum Obama has done with the NSA and the IRS. How dare left wing progressives quote Thomas Jefferson when our Clown President steps all over the Constitution. Obama uses the NSA to trample on all of the rights to freedom of the press. Thou shall not question the Head Clown; just ask the Associated Press and James Rosen! As for privacy, your phone calls and emails are being monitored by Obama’s NSA troops. What does that remind you of?

Some people think that Barnum Obama and his circus of clowns are the only problem with this country. As pathetic as Obama is, the so called “main stream news media” is even worse. Not only do they look the other way when our head clown performs his circus acts, they actually foster his agenda. The so-called main stream news media isn’t news at all; it is just one of the operating rings of Obama’s circus. Obama tells them when it is necessary to clean up after the elephants. The free press according to Thomas Jefferson is here to protect us and question those in power, not to follow the regime mindlessly. I wonder what Jefferson would say about the main stream news media if he were still alive today. My guess is that he would agree with my dad!

This country is going right down the toilet and the clowns on the left just keep on drinking their Kool-Aid. In the near future we will be $17 trillion in debt. Before Barnum Obama brings down his circus tents we will be $20 trillion in debt. Soon Main Street USA will be like the liberal cities of Detroit, Chicago, San Bernardino and Stockton. Obama need not worry; the lame stream news media will have his back! They will convince you it is Bush’s fault!

Some people think that Barnum Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. I say otherwise. His plans are right on schedule; read his books. Barnum Obama knows my dad was and is still correct. In reality, Obama relies on the fact that stupid can’t be fixed!

Rick Mikula