A few thoughts

To the Editor,

As we all know, Congress has a terrible rating for running this country, and there are no signs of doing anything to improve its record. There is only one way to correct this problem, and that, people, is to vote every incumbent out of office at the next elections.

Our founding fathers had no experience in running a country and they did a magnificent job writing a constitution to run this country. The clowns we have now are only interested in getting re-elected to these lucrative positions to benefit their present and future well being.

You can bet your rent money that in the 2014 elections 95 to 98 percent of present Congress up for re-election will win.

Another problem that needs an overhaul is the welfare system. There are too many people getting benefits illegally. They know who they are, and you and I probably know some. For example, how many of the babies born out of wedlock end up on welfare? In my opinion, they are stealing our money. I could write a full page on welfare, but I’m allowed only 500 words.

My opinion on abortion: It is murder. So then the “government” condones stealing and murder. Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate reasons for helping the truly needy or abortion for medical reasons.

Another gripe, people who build homes along the seashore or build homes in the hills with majestic views. When hurricanes or wildfires destroy these homes, why do we, the taxpayers, have to help rebuild? If they can’t afford to pay insurance premiums to protect heir homes, then don’t build. The money they get when they rent them out in the summer should pay the cost of insurance.

A letter to the editor would not be complete without a jab at the master of deception, Obama. He has done the opposite of everything he proposed while campaigning.

The worst is yet to come when Obamacare starts to go into effect. What makes those pinheads in DC think that a 2,000-some page document, that they have no idea what’s in it, is going to be great for us?

Come on people, wake up. Get rid of those fat cats with fresh new faces. There are ways to promote national health care, but they’re not run by the government.

God help us!!

P.S., Obama needs to do something special to earn respect.

Ray Kaczynski