America must repent

To the editor:

The United States antichrist government has circumvented our Constitution many times in the past. It is just a matter of time before they decide they need to remove guns from Americans claiming by doing so they will be saving American lives. They will claim they are taking our guns to protect us from ourselves. Who will protect us from them?

They are using the same ploys Germany used against her people to disarm them. What is so sad is I thought America was smarter then this. Yet, they have been dumbing down our nation for the past 40 years, starting with stealing God from our children by illegally removing prayer and Bible reading in our schools. How do I know this? When you have Americans believing communism, socialism, social justice, progressivism, political correctness and racism are better ideals then our Constitution, you realize the dumbing down process has worked well.

Only enemies of Americans and God would work to change her from how she was founded to her opposite.

Wake up America – repent, you are being deceived. If you don’t put a stop to this now, you will be known throughout all history as the land of fools. You had the greatest freedom in the history of all mankind with the exception of God’s gift of grace, which greatly influenced the Constitution through our Founders who were men of faith, Christians. Yet, you chose the ways of sin and have fallen into the path of iniquity, loving sin more then loving God. You have become the land of strange gods and self-righteousness.

The American government, which started as Christian, has now become antichrist. The reason our government has become the opposite of what was founded is because evil men were put into positions of power, being voted in by deceived citizens and tyrants. Our Founders warned us that their Constitution would not work if used by evil men. Political correctness has been used to brainwash Americans to believe that which has always been good is evil and that which has always been evil is good.

America once knew the truth, once stood upon the truth. Yet, today they choose to believe in lies. The punishment of one who knew the truth and then denies it will be much more severe then one who never knew the truth at all.

America once knew God, knew his son. America once worshiped the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today she worships strange gods and has become a land filled with devils.

There is but one chance for America and that is to repent and return to her God. America is the only nation ever born Christian, I believe. The punishment for her will be great if she does not repent. I believe her punishment will be greater then any other nation in the history of the world.

Repent, for judgment is near, even at the door.

Randy Sims