City should go back to strong mayor

To the editor:

I am hearing rumors that some members of city council are considering recycling Bruce Williams as our city manager. Are you kidding me? Any council person who proposes this should be banished from the community.

There is some new blood in council and it is expected of them to bring fresh ideas and re-tool the way our city does business. But the onus is on us. We as citizens have shrugged our responsibility of placing demands on our leadership, which has allowed them to continue with a substandard performance level that hinders growth and revitalization of this community. Let these new people know that we want better than we have been getting and that we will stand behind their efforts to better our community.

This whole concept of city manager has been wasted on our community since its inception. The city manager form of government is designed to service large communities of a 50,000-plus population. Our community doesn’t need a city manager and it never did. It is time that the community reconsiders its charter. We can return to the strong mayor form of government and let the citizens choose our leadership at the ballot box.

Our community has undergone a lot of criticism recently, the majority of which, in my opinion, is unfounded. Of all the accusations made, the only one that was hard to defend is the political history of corruption, nepotism and the good-old-boy system. We can move our community beyond all the negativity by simply doing our job as good citizens and seeking out responsible, honest people who genuinely have the interests of the community at heart and then stand behind them. You can also be an active part of the community by creating and joining civic groups that help us move forward. This town belongs to you. Take an active role in deciding who leads our community. There is a difference between running a community and leading a community. Look at the people who are running our community and you decide whether they are leaders who have the interest of the community in their hearts or if they are running the community with their own interests in mind.

It took a handful of people about a year to change this community’s charter from a strong mayor form of government to a city manager form of government. It would not be hard to reverse it.

Joe Scalise