Fly by night grammar

To the Editor,

When as a young lad, I went to grade school to study the basics of a child’s learning life. Reading, writing, and of course, math. As I progressed slowly through those memorable years, I learned some new symbols in sentence structure. Capital letters, commas, exclamation points, question marks, and let us not forget the infamous dangling participle,who has somewhat vanished.

Fast forwarding to present time, our pound sign has been adopted by our next generation. Yes folks, it is the infamous hashtag. I thought at first that this surely was a new board game. Nah, its just something said, like yada yada yada. Or cool beans.

Since this is new lingo to me, let me interject these little crazy tidbits.

@ – The A’s are upon us.

! – Line with a dot.

, – Free flopping tongue.

” – Rain or snow showers.

‘ – Misty rain or snow flurries.

; – A dot with a tongue.

( – Half moon.

) – The other side of the half moon.

# – HASHTAG….boo.

$ – The Bank.

% – Hoot owl watching.

& – Sing along.

* – Shining star.

+ – Baby shining star.

/ – Right slanting wall.

\ – Left slanting wall.

..- Nature trail droppings.

X – Buried treasure.

| – Straight wall.

– – Fallen wall.

Kevin Neverly