Kids at playground an issue

To the Editor,

This summer was quiet at the Brookeline Street playground due to the hot weather, but it has started up again. It’s like a bunch of wild banshees running loose.

It has to make you wonder what kind of upbringing they have. To show an example, I had dog feces rubbed on my car. Now, I’m a 78-year-old senior who has numerous health issues and I had to go and clean that off myself.

That’s the problem today, the law upholds these juvenile delinquents. They need to start going after the parents. Where’s the law the help protect us seniors?

That’s the one thing I can say about the state of Florida. They look after their seniors. What’s it going to take to solve this problem?

That sign at the playground means nothing to any of them. In fact, they spit at it and try to tear it down. I have lived at this residence for 13 years, and that playground has always been a problem.

The only peace I get is in the winter months.

Florence Donley