Little to like about the plan

To the editor:

Can the valley amigos name one Democratic or liberal politician running for re-election advocating the merits of Obumacare? Can they explain why they aren’t? Here are some reasons why.

President Barack Obama’s hiring thousands of navigators (up to $48 an hour, mostly cronies and A.C.O.R.N. types) to encourage and enlist people to board his train wreck. These navigators had their training cut from 30 to 20 hours. They must be really smart. They receive no background check. They will have access to our financial and medical records. I’m sure HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius trusts them to be honest. Why do you accept this? They are part-time employees, so Obuma doesn’t have to provide medical insurance. Americans, 52 percent want Obumacare repealed, and 22 percent want it overhauled.

The top IRS director testified before Congress he doesn’t want to get it for himself. The 72,000 IRS agents want an exemption, yet they will go after us if we don’t comply. The idiots in Congress who passed this (Democrats) had Obuma exempt them and their staffs. The dummies who passed this law are too good for it. People of this valley, don’t you see anything wrong with this scenario? The people who passed it and those making us comply and penalizing us if we don’t, don’t have to belong. American voters have themselves to blame.

The president’s spending $67 million to have celebrities telling us how great it is. If it’s that great, why aren’t people in line for it? It stinks – he knows it and won’t admit. He claimed you can keep your current insurance and doctors. Liar. Rates will not raise. Liar – Ohio will rise about 80 percent. Caps won’t rise. Liar. He’s breaking the law by implementing part of the law he wants – making individuals pay as of Jan. 1, but big businesses not until Jan. 1, 2015. He’s for the middle class? He was cutting deficit in half in his first term. Liar.

The president, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are three blind mice. We haven’t heard a word from them on the recent beatings and killings, or is there a double standard? Why aren’t the gun control advocates speaking out on the stabbing death in Steubenville or the flashlight beating death of a World War II hero demanding laws restricting knives and flashlights. We better have background checks on those buying flashlights at Lowe’s. People don’t kill people, flashlights kill people. Amazing how deaths are cherry-picked for political gain.

Bob Atkinson’s letter of Aug. 4 harps on the Zimmerman-Martin case (“Questions about Zimmerman verdict.”) The writer must have witnessed the incident. He claims Martin was just standing around do nothing. I agree, he probably was. However, when he attacked Zimmerman, he put his life in jeopardy. Zimmerman was found innocent in using self-defense, not using stand-your-ground. Understand? It’s over, and as liberals love to say, deal with it.

If Obuma had a city, would it look like Detroit?

People, get informed. Amigos, too late.

Barry Bardone