Pay attention while kids are at play

To the Editor,

I would like to quote Bob Atkinson’s letter to the editor from Sept. 1, 2013: “Letters to the editor are, in large part, opinions, and we all have the right to our own, but for an opinion to be formed and be useful, it must have some basis in fact.” Perhaps I’m just writing a “sound off,” but I have something I have to vent about.

Drivers were cautioned a few weeks ago by several newspaper articles, radio and television newscasts about students returning to school – stopping at crosswalks, stopping when school buses are loading and unloading students, and driving more cautiously in school zones.

Undoubtedly there are younger siblings at home out there riding bikes, scooters and running amuck. Where are the parents, grandparents, or sitters when these children are outside? Several times I have been chased by bikers behind me running into my bumper! Heaven forbid I slam on the brakes to stop my car and get out to explain to the child that this is not a safe practice. Would it be my fault if a youngster slid under my car and got burned by the exhaust system? I have seen this happen.

I have also seen children riding a bicycle with a helmet (thank heaven) on the sidewalk, but very unsteady on the two-wheeler, and ending up riding off the curb and into the street. It appears these youngsters have no fear!

There is always a lot of traffic in the alley by Convenient Mart and on School Street, and this is where I see these safety violations taking place. I grew up on School Street many years ago, and our parents would never permit us to ride our bikes on the main road. If they did, they were outside watching our every move.

In my opinion, or sound off if you will, I feel that there should not just caution among the drivers, but common sense among the caregivers is equally important and life-saving.

Susan O’Neill