Project concerns expressed

To the editor:

This letter is about the Crestview-Belvedere sewer project.

We were promised that our property would look the same after the project was done. I would like to show you the mess in my backyard.

They hauled all my top soil away and hauled in dirt that looked like it came out of a strip field and planted some sort of crab grass.

If our Jefferson County officials let this contractor get away with this, shame on them. They wouldn’t put up with this in their backyards. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to have my name connected with this project.

I knew in the beginning when they made all these promises what was going to happen. I wrote letters to Commissioner Tom Gentile and Shannan Gosbin, water and sewer department director, letting them know how I felt. I should have saved my stamps. All I got was the runaround.

I wasn’t asking for any favors. All I want is what I was promised.

If you are a landowner on this project and dissatisfied with your landscaping, let it be known.

I am going to turn this matter over to my attorney.

James R. Robbins Sr.