Recycling meeting set for Monday

To the editor:

I would like to announce that Steubenville Council and administration, in conjunction with the JB Green Team, will be implementing a new curbside recycling program. We began this program by limiting it to 400 residential customers in the Buena Vista neighborhood, but have learned there are only 330 residential households in the Buena Vista neighborhood. So the test program has been expanded to the Alexander Manor area as well as the Cunningham Lane, Westwood and Scenic Drive neighborhood. We will mail letters to approximately 750 residents in the test area. Only the first 400 who respond and agree to take part will be provided with a 95-gallon recycling bin. There is one thing to remember – this is not a mandatory program, if you do not wish to participate you do not have to. We are only doing this as a test program for one year and we will re-evaluate the program to determine its feasibility at that time.

There is no cost to you, the resident, to participate in our test program thanks to the JB Green Team. JB Green Team will provide the 95-gallon recycling bin, the truck for the collection of the recyclable materials and their employees’ wages. We anticipate receiving the recycling bins in October, and they will be distributed by our sanitation department because they know the collection routes. The actual recycling program will start Nov. 1. We are mirroring a similar test program in Martins Ferry that the JB Green Team is also conducting for future consideration.

I am inviting all residents of the above mentioned neighborhoods to please come to an informational meeting at Jim Wood Park, 6:30 p.m. Monday. I, along with some off my fellow council members, and Cliff Meyer and Anita Petrella of the JB Green Team will be on hand to answer questions and give details on the curbside recycling program. I hope to see you Monday, and I thank you in advance.

Willie Paul

5th Ward councilman