Some spectators need assistance

To the editor:

On Sept. 6, I went to the Steubenville Big Red football game at Harding Stadium. There are a few things that need to be changed. There was a young man who came to see the game, and he was in a wheelchair. All of the handicapped places were taken. He had no place to watch the game from. I told him to ask at the sponsor tent, but they told him there wasn’t any room there. I know that you have to have sponsors, but there should be a place for them to sit. The tent that they put up should have been a place for the handicapped if they don’t have any other place to sit.

The other handicapped section was full. I don’t think anyone realizes how many handicapped people go to the games. I feel sorry for the boy who came to see the game and had no place to see it from.

Yes, we need sponsors for the games, but we also need a place for the handicapped. Something needs to be done. I’m handicapped, and it’s wrong if we pay to see the game and can’t find a place to see it from. Please try and see what you can do. These people need to be taken care of.

Darlene Pehanich