A heartfelt thanks

To the editor:

With all the bad news in the world and community today I feel that a good deed should not go by unappreciated.

Last Tuesday an incident occurred that helped brighten my day and made me feel good about the community in which I live. I had a dentist appointment on a Tuesday afternoon last week, and when I was done I was in some minor pain so I took some Advil on an empty stomach – a big mistake, forgetting that I had to wait an hour to eat.

Well, with only the thought of being sick, I rushed out of Riesbeck’s in Wintersville, and ran to McDonald’s for a frozen drink and then on to other business. About an hour later, I got a call from my husband that my purse was waiting for me to be picked up at Riesbeck’s, as I had left it there in my cart, in the parking lot.

OK, I was shocked because in my panic I had not even noticed that I had left my purse. I went to Riesbeck’s and not only was everything there, they had found out my name from my driver’s license and called my home phone and made sure everything was safe and ready for me. On some other day and time this would have seemed a normal thing, and believe me they didn’t think of any other way to handle it – except courteously and honestly.

So, I just want to shout out a big thank-you to the wonderful staff at the Wintersville Riesbeck’s for living up to their slogan that they are a community friendly store. Thanks again, with great appreciation.

Candy Newburn