Another look at the facts

To the editor:

On Oct. 6, the Herald-Star dutifully published the latest nonsensical blather penned by Barry Bardone (“Sometimes, facts can be confusing.”) Bardone began this gibberish-laden, tea party-inspired mish-mash of nonsense and falsehoods criticizing a letter published Sept. 29 by Bob Atkinson, accusing Atkinson of writing a letter which states “no facts or answers legitimate questions.” (“Looking to take control.”) Bardone then gives as his first example of a legitimate question, “If Obumacare (sic) is so great, why doesn’t President Barack Obama sign up for it?”

Does the writer actually believe this is a legitimate question? The Affordable Care Act requires only that Americans either have some form of health care or pay a fine. Obama and all members of Congress already have health care. What exactly do you believe they should be signing up for? The question not only makes zero sense, but the asking implies that the asker is purposefully trying to deceive.

The letter then spends a paragraph incoherently rambling about the illuminati and references to clowns, then veers sharply into the territory of FoxNews falsehoods masquerading as “facts.” (A word the author actually and without irony uses to characterize these lies.)

First, after noting that some businesses received a one-year extension on full participation, Bardone demands, “Please explain how Obama can unilaterally change a law that was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and he signed?” Gladly. It works like this. The law which your president signed, which was upheld by SCOTUS and which was indeed passed legally by act of Congress actually gives the president that discretion. Businesses asked him to exercise the option, and he chose to do so for the benefit of those businesses. Suck it up, buttercup.

Bardone then goes on bemoaning the reality that Congress chose to include high-deductible health plans in the variety of options included in the marketplace. Of course, he doesn’t call them by their proper name (possibly because he doesn’t know it) nor does he mention that it was the free market-pimping, laissez faire-loving, Ayn Rand-worshiping GOP that insisted on excluding the government option and the single-payer platform favored by Keynesian Democrats and most of the free and sensible world. Both of those options would have avoided the possibility that somebody might gullibly buy cheaper insurance with a much higher deductible, but what else does one expect? That’s how Republicans operate.

Bardone’s next question displays the racism, bigotry, and crassness which are a hallmark of the valley pendejos by actually asking, “I wonder if Obama and the Iranian president prayed to Allah before they started their conversation?” For shame, Mr. Bardone. Your president – your bacon-eating, beer-drinking, cigarette-smoking, church-attending president is a Christian just like you claim to be. Besides, Muslims who worship Allah worship the exact same deity as the Jews, the Catholics, the Pentecostals and the televangelists. And those are the facts.

J. David Core