By the math

To the Editor,

In response to the Oct. 6 letter titled, “Issuing a wakeup call.”

I’ve been awake!

The writer says Democrats are out of touch with reality and need to go back to school to learn basic math and goes on with name calling of our president and we Democrats as Pinocchio’s, Clowns, Barnum’s Marxists.

As an octogenarian, WWII vet who’s been around the block a few times, I know my math.

The thing I don’t understand is how we voters put a Democrat in office and surround him with a majority Republican House.

Obama is running this race for fairness and Republicans are holding him by the shirttail.

Another Republican letter writer in the past said some people fall through the cracks and that’s life. The some people he mentions equal 10 million.

You math wizards want a number to contemplate, try 10 million with no health care. Here’s another number that Republicans shy away from, over 4,000 GI’s killed in Iraq for a presidential whim. How about this number? 35,000 GI’s maimed for life from the Iraq farce.

Now this number is simply unrealistic when you figure we can’t afford health care, $2 billion spent each day for the Iraq war. Multiply that each day of our whole stay in Iraq. Another number Republicans seem to be proud of is Prior to Reagan, unionism for the rights of workers was 35 percent of the workforce. Today I doubt 10 percent are represented. Unions got people fair treatment financially and otherwise; an undeniable fact.

You math wizards do your math on this. The unfair wages for waitresses who depend on tips that sometimes just don’t come around.

Let’s talk more math with approximately 10 million immigrants working for Republican wages, while CEO’s get repeated annual bonuses in the millions.

Mr. Republican (Bush) himself created and left a lot of the mess we’re in.

The simple answer to America’s problems are: no jobs. Only Republicans can create jobs, they have always been the owners and boss, and we Dem’s the workers. Only Republicans can give fair wages and won’t due to hoggishness.

You don’t need billions in profit, millions should be good enough.

We Americans (all) can show the rest of the world how to live under one umbrella in peace, harmony and good health, but we continue to screw it up with stubborn hoggishness.

I understand math, I just don’t understand some Republicans’ unfairness. C’mon man!

P.S. As for Obama’s golfing, all our presidents had a pastime, golfing, horseshoes, playing piano, etc. Ike’s swing wasn’t too hot either.

John Flara

New Cumberland