Garbage questions in Mingo Junction

To the editor:

I am a long-time resident of our village and I am writing to express my concern about the article in the Tuesday’s Herald-Star (“Garbage levy on ballot in Mingo.”)

This is in no way to be construed as anything more than providing information to the residents to make an informed vote on Nov. 5.

I made a few phone calls and talked to J&J Kimble, which said it does pick up grass clippings and what not as long as it is bagged and tied, up to 10 30-gallon bags per week, and one bulk item free per month., with a charge of $20 extra for another bulk item. The cost monthly is $16.96, but if the whole village is involved and the mayor, council and administration negotiates, the cost goes down.

Some examples are: Amsterdam at $11.22, and Adena at $10.80. Our village could be around $12.76 per month. Waste Management has similar numbers.

The monthly cost of the replacement levy on a $100,000 home will be $17.52, essentially doubling the amount of your tax that goes to the village. If a private company came in and the whole village participated, it could be a potential savings of $4.76 per month or more.

We all know the village is struggling through these hard times and it does not mean the employees we have left will lose their jobs. Since the layoffs, the staff has been reduced to a skeleton crew. They work hard and we all know it and appreciate them. This could be a path to helping them and this community survive this downtime. Privatization would free the ones we still have to do all sorts of other things for this village.

It also would not be necessary to purchase and maintain a $175,000 garbage truck. That money could go to something more useful for the community.

Sometimes we are comfortable with what we know and it is not always the way to go. Just informing the voters of the facts. It will be up to them to vote “yes” or “no” on the levy.

Joe Balzano

Mingo Junction