JVS deserves your support

To the editor:

Since the Jefferson County JVS opened in 1975, we have successfully trained students for jobs (welder, electrician, nurse aide, cosmetologist, office worker, chef, child care provider, diesel mechanics technician, carpenter, auto service technician, computer networking technician, auto body technician, security officer, etc.) in the Tri-State Area.

In fact, more than 8,000 students from the Buckeye Local , Edison Local, Indian Creek Local, Steubenville City and Toronto City school districts have completed their junior and senior years of vocational education at the JVS. And, yes, we want to continue to do an excellent job of educating our youth so that they can secure the job of their choice upon their graduation or continue on to college. However, we need support of the the voters of our district.

On Nov. 5, Issue 15 is on the ballot, which is the JVS 1-mill levy – the cost is as little as 5 cents a day, which amounts to $25 a year on a home valued at $70,000.

I can provide many good reasons to support the JVS on this issue. However, the most important reason is that without your assistance we cannot purchase equipment to train our students or start new programs that will enable our students to obtain the skills necessary for the training for new career choices, such as jobs in the oil and gas industry.

So, I ask that you continue to support the JVS by exercising your right to vote on Nov. 5. Thank you for all of your support in the past and we thank you in advance for your support of this levy.

Dorothy S. Blaner

Executive secretary

to superintendent