Living a dream

To the Editor,

It’s easy to quote history and talk tough.

From pundits to letter writers, everyone wants to talk about what it used to be like and live in a dream world of what it should be like.

Be truthful unto they self. Let’s quit talking about what happened. What side would one have been on in the Revolution, the Civil War, Prohibition and the Civil Rights movement.

Who today would choose to be one of the 10,000 dead at the Battle of Gettysburg, marched with tattered socks with Washington or joined Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma?

In one’s imagination of being a past hero, facing the 21st Century and what one will do is a little more difficult.

Smaller government would solve all our problems, some say. But, more than that, likely it will be natural phenonena; nature’s way and natural law has no conscious.

Smaller government giving a license to do it any which way will cause natural phenomenon to naturalize the horrific damage being done to the planet from nuclear waste to the combustion engine.

Nature’s not philosophical to what’s right or what’s wrong. It reacts to conditions in the atmosphere. If the oceans keep warming, the planet’s in trouble. It’s that simple.

Hurricanes, tornados, flooding and droughts will cause havoc with no mysterious intent other than nature’s reaction to atmospheric conditions.

Billion-dollar mergers are putting the world in danger of – philosophically – an Ayn Rand (Paul Ryan’s rep) heroine’s takeover. There’s no mom and pop farming. It’s the farming industries. Several giants planting thousands of acres bring food to your table. What happens when the too big to fail mergers fail?

The private sector is sitting on $2 trillion and will not invest in America until they get it their way, yet in a disaster the rich are most vulnerable trying to enjoy and protect their riches.

The looters and plunderers having nothing to lose. They rob, steal and kill. Their only motive: revenge.

Now in everybody’s imagination of the hero they would have been in the past history, let’s get back to reality and see what kind of hero/heroine one will be in the 21st Century.

As an individual, city, state or country, anyone under 50 will suffer the ramifications of mistakes made in dealing with the future.

Just a thought to guide one along the way. Whatever made Bill O’Reilly think he could add anything to the Jesus story? It’s simple enough. He healed the sick (for free, may I add), fed the poor and preached social justice, and they crucified him.

Steve Kopa