Look it up

To the Editor,

Do you ever wonder whatever happened to the “old America?” Where our good, solid values have gotten to over the years? Why our society has fallen backwards into such senselessness, moral chaos and collapse? Why our public schools indoctrinate children in touchy-feely, PC multiculturalism and socialism, so at odds with our own, traditional principles? There is a reason for our decline.

Karl Marx, founder of Communist theory, believed in the doctrine of “spontaneous revolution.” He assumed that, at some point, somewhere, the workers in the proletariat would have enough, and a strike would occur.

The strike would become a mob, then a riot, and the violent reaction of the wealthy bourgeoisie exploiters to the riot would touch off sympathetic riots, which would then spread, and viola! Worldwide Communist revolution. Karl Marx was a wide-eyed dreamer, at the very least. Marx spent the remainder of his life waiting for his revolution to happen. He died in 1883, still waiting.

By the early 20th century, after the misery of World War I hadn’t succeeded in bringing on their revolution anywhere but Russia, the communists had decided to try other means.

One of the greatest examples of this idea came out of the Frankfurt School, a communist think tank founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in the 1920s. It is noteworthy that, when Nazism’s rise forced the organization to leave Germany, they did not go to the more welcoming atmosphere of Russia; instead, they came here, to America, settling in New York City, where they would be free to use our Constitution’s guaranteed freedoms against itself. This theory is called “Cultural Marxism.”

Two of the most influential “thinkers” to come out of the organization were Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse. Gramsci envisioned a slow, patient and insidious “long march through the institutions,” those being mainly academia, the media, the church and the government. In this manner leftist ideology would, in its time, infiltrate and undermine Western culture and its ideals, replacing them with Marxist leftism.

In 1959, Marcuse wrote a popular book entitled “Eros and the Psyche;” he said of the young, “we will bait the hook with sex, and give them communism.” Marcuse is recognized as one of the founders of the ensuing Sexual Revolution.

The undermining of our educational system can be traced, some say, to several professors at Columbia in the 20s and 30s. Adopting Gramsci’s methods, they began assembling like-minded fellow educators, and education and journalism students.

To such fanatics, it didn’t matter that they likely wouldn’t live to see their ideals emerge; all that mattered was their revolution. They created a cultural cancer, and it’s worked like a charm. Their ideals began blossoming in the 1960s and 70s; the fruits of their labors are clearly visible now, today.

But, how can any of this be? Everyone knows that “commie plots” are just paranoid fantasies; that only the Bush family, the Koch brothers and Rush Limbaugh are involved in murky, treacherous conspiracies. Two words: Project Venona. Look it up.

Rob Denham