Notre Dame High grad unhappy with score

To the Editor,

Weirton Madonna’s coach must have tried to emulate Granville Zupp, of Buckhannon, in 1963 when he ran up the score on Shinnston High School 90-0. That was West Virginia’s centennial year and rumor had it that Zupp was trying to get to 100 points.

Madonna’s coach was heard to say after the game to Notre Dame’s coach, “Coach I wasn’t really trying to run the score up,” but when the score was 42-7 Madonna was still passing into the end zone.

Madonna’s coach needs to be commended for having a first class team; too bad he didn’t keep some of that class for himself.

“Teacher and molder of young men”

This topic need no further ink, but I wish Madonna’s coach all the good fortune in the future.

S. James Shaffer, Jr.

Notre Dame Class of 59