Time for change in Steubenville

To the editor:

Steubenville is truly a bellwether for our local communities; the decisions and progress that are made there often reverberate in neighboring communities. Whether a new business is opening, law is passed or even if there is criminal activity, those effects are felt in all of our own backyards. With that being said, it is important that Steubenville has a highly skilled and potent government willing to provide proactively for the community.

For the better part of recent memory, we have allowed complacency in local government to be a detriment to progress. As an electorate we continue to elect the same candidates each election cycle or at least until retirement provides us an alternative. Steubenville’s current mayor has squandered more than 20 years in that position. During that time, Steubenville Council has been allowed to deficit spend, allowed infrastructure to deteriorate and ignored opportunities to develop a plan for Steubenville’s future, all the while closing fire stations and laying-off safety forces, in addition to ignoring the essential need to take a dynamic stance against the rising crime rates. Steubenville needs a mayor who is not afraid to reduce crime, spending and make sure our plan for the future is carried out.

My friend, Lou Arrico, is running for mayor of Steubenville. He possesses the necessary zeal to finally welcome Steubenville into the 21st century. He is Steubenville – a lifetime native who graduated from Catholic Central and Franciscan University, he is active in the community and proudly calls Steubenville his home.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent, Arrico’s campaign of people over politics will resonate with you. He wants to play an active role in making Steubenville safer, a better place to raise your children, run your business and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. He wants to implement a community in which we can all be proud of and where we are empowered to be successful.

As a graduate of the Leadership Institute, he understands that entering the political arena is not about making a name for himself, but rather as an individual who is passionate about his community and breaking the status quo that has festered for way too long. His passion for the issues and, most important, the people, not politics, is why I can unequivocally support Arrico. That alone makes him the only Steubenville mayoral candidate who is worthy of our votes.

While I cannot vote in this election, Arrico will continue to get my support, donations, volunteer hours and this endorsement, because I am wholly concerned about the future of the Ohio Valley, and maintaining status quo government is not a solution. The decisions that are made in Steubenville ultimately affect us all – our friends, family and co-workers deserve so much better, which is why I kindly ask you to please support Lou Arrico as the next mayor of Steubenville.

Daniel Z. Jenkins