Trade deal would be bad

To the editor:

So the tragic-comedy farce of the government shutdown has temporarily ended. You’d think the obstructionists would wisely and quietly go lick their wounds, but instead they promise to keep on doing it. The GOP vowed early on – not just the tea party extremists – to nullify the presidency of Barack Obama, and they continue to follow this agenda.

The real objective of the obstructionists is to disable government entirely. Very shortly they will start screaming “deficit” and demand the dismantling, defunding, and delegitimizing of every agency that does not do the bidding of international capitalism. But it is not only the obstructionists who are doing the bidding of the investor class. For many months trade negotiators having been meeting in secret sessions crafting the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that will effectively nullify the sovereignty of the participating governments including, and especially, the United States.

The effect of this agreement would be that any action, law, regulation or restriction by any locality, municipality, state or national government that threatens the anticipated profit of any business venture can and will be nullified. And any entity that affects anticipated profits through such actions can be sued for lost profits, real or anticipated. A court of arbitration will be put into operation presided over by a revolving pantheon of the wealthiest and most invested, and a form of justice will be meted out benefiting their own, and the rest of humanity will become subservient to the authority of wealth.

It is reported that Obama intends to seek fast track approval of the TPP. This means the legislative bill will be presented to the Congress as negotiated in those secret meetings by un-elected representatives, no debate and no amendments are allowed, and the bill to accept the agreement – supposedly representing the will of the people through our elected representatives must be voted on, yea or nay.

There is one catch, or rather one hope, that this nullification of democracy can be stopped. Congress itself must authorize the utilization of the fast track mechanism. It must pass, by resolution, the use of this highly undemocratic process to approve this national declaration of surrender.

The money behind the artificial factions known as the national parties is the same and seeks unified goals: total nullification of effective democratic government and the abolition of any rights other than the right of power as expressed through wealth.

It will be instructive to see if the obstructionists actually put their efforts behind a cause that would truly be in the interest of democracy and the citizens they swear they are representing and defending. If fast track authorization is denied then this dagger in the heart of freedom, democracy and justice can be exposed for what it is. Once the American public gets a whiff of the stench coming from this perfidious trade agreement they will be outraged, or should be.

In this light, NSA surveillance and the militarization of local law enforcement is ominous.

Vince Lawrence