Trivial matters now are important

To the editor:

I never thought that I would reach an age where people would consider something of great importance trivial and that of trivia would become the focus of importance.

When did the world change from a decent place to live into a complete mockery of life?

Am I to accept solutions that end life instead of cherishing it?

Must I listen to words that are less than adult?

I think we have all noticed that the anger in the nation is out of control. It is usually the children or the elderly who pay the ultimate price because of it. Who will tell me not to give my heart to them?

I watch the rapidly growing numbers of unborn babies that are destroyed without a second thought or a tear shed in memory of them. Is this humanity?

What of the children who have lost their lives in school shootings? Is this a part of society that accepts what is much less than humane?

Who is it who will take me lightly when I speak of how many young people are kidnapped, violated and found lifeless in a wooded area? Who is left behind to shed a lifetime of tears?

Maybe we should all cry at the lack of common sense that has fallen on our nation. This is a country that has walked away from God, and the results are more devastating with each new day. It is a nation that believes that love, life and children aren’t needed in its existence.

Why am I disappointed in the actions of mankind? A World War II veteran was beaten to death and not one word was written of the grief we should all feel. This gentleman was an American hero who fought for our freedom, and now he is gone. There weren’t any letters to the editor that mentioned his bravery. He fought his last battle with heartless, self-centered cowards.

Where is the justice if we did not place our hands over our hearts as the American flag was draped over him? Did we weep as he was given the last salute? How many of us felt the chills from the sound of the bugle as it trumpeted the final farewell. As our country falls apart with bickering and blame, this man stood alone, to die a tortured death.

Is it a laughing matter to disregard the forced death of the children and the elderly? How dare we forget the importance of life.

Who will cry for the children? Who will say in memory of this 90-year-old veteran, “God bless you – you were the best part of America?”

Maybe we are in the middle of a horrific nightmare. When will we awaken to the American dream?

God, help us open our eyes.

Carol Bednar-Hauber

Piney Fork