Better than nothing

To the Editor,

In response to the Nov. 10th letter titled, “They shouldn’t be there.”

Four Muslim names were mentioned as being with the Obama administration.

I don’t know who these people are, but if just having a Muslim name disqualifies them as being American we’re in trouble.

We tried to disqualify Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali and others with what we thought were odd names, how idiotic.

As for having ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, our whole country has organizations where different nationalities and certain groups form clubs, SOI, Serbian Club, Polish Club, Croation Club, NAACP, K of C, Masonic Lodge, get my drift?

As for my thoughts on Unionism, everything that benefits the working people today was gained with Union brotherhood, not through Republican generosity! The writer mentioned Union-made products costing more. That’s simple proof of Republican hoggishness. They’ve always financially milked the prices.

Also, FYI Obama did get our troops home from Iraq and if Bush would have stayed in Afghanistan instead of starting the Iraq war, all our troops would have been home.

I’d sure like to know how you tell who is going to be on welfare by reading birth announcements, what’s he going by, odd names, huh? Voodoo power? Wow!!!

Mr. letter writer, believe it or not, we would’nt have welfare as it is today if,

1.Conservatives create jobs, only the rich can do that.

2.Pay a livable wage, only the rich can do that.

3. Solve today’s problems, only the rich can do that.

If the haves treat the have nots fairly our world would be such a great place. I just can’t help but ask the question, WWJD? [What would Jesus do?]

I’ll bet Jesus would be a Democrat. Think about it. What’s your guess?

There I’ve said it again!


I have to believe that Obamacare is better than no care!

John Flara

New Cumberland