Bling is on loan — salvation is yours

To the editor:

Praise God for the child of God from Weirton who wrote about the bling and the Bentleys that some ministers of today feel like they must have to make themselves feel blessed (“Ministers don’t need bling or Bentleys,” Oct. 26.)

I truly feel like I am blessed every morning when God wakes me and gives me another opportunity to be a blessing. I know judgment isn’t a good thing, but the word of God says you will know them by their fruit. I believed in the ministers of the old days who worked a job as well as taking care of the spiritual needs of the flock. God’s word has been received the wrong way. You never should give only to get back. I have known good people who have been taught this and in most cases, years have gone by and their situation is still the same, but for the ministers, they have prospered the most.

God will always take care of those who truly serve, by giving what you have in your heart and helping those in need. That’s the real way to honor our God. I can’t say that ministers do or don’t deserve what they have, but I do believe if the leader is blessed, then the whole flock should be blessed as well. If the preachers in Weirton are really focused on the flock, may God truly continue to bless each one of them. They may be needed elsewhere.

Praise God, I know the times have changed, but as we get closer to the return of Jesus, it’s supposed to be this way. However, the faithful will remain faithful, and as for the bling, it belongs to the king. Salvation is yours.

Ron Hines