Democrats not your parent’s party

To the editor:

I have many friends who are Democrats and have no idea that the Democratic Party they and their mothers and fathers believed in is no longer the party of Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy.

The party has been successfully taken over by the Democratic Socialists of America. From this point on let me refer to them as Democoms.

I know the local head of the Old Democrat Party would not condone what is happening to the unions in this country, which were taken over in 1995 by John Sweeney, a devout Communist (You can call him a Socialist if you wish.)

Why would America’s unions want illegal immigration reform?

Well, 14 million illegal immigrants must find a job at any cost to qualify for citizenship. Illegal immigration amnesty isn’t good for unions, but it is good for the movement.

Why would unions promote Obamacare?

Obamacare will destroy union health care plans, the primary reasons most individuals join a union.

Why are churches not standing up to our loss of religious freedom?

During the first revolution, ministers with a long gun in one hand and a Bible in the other stood for religious freedom and morality in their communities. The Democoms have successfully used the 501(c) tax exemption status to silence the churches, and put money before God.

Why would any gun owner be a Democom?

The Second Amendment is not to protect your hunting rights; it is to protect us from the government. If you don’t think it can happen, think again. What happened in Turkey in 1911, Soviet Union in 1922, Germany in 1938, China in 1957, Uganda in 1970 and Cambodia in 1975 when more than 2.3 million were killed by the government that told villagers they no longer needed weapons, they were there to protect them. How many times have you said in the last few years, “I didn’t think it would happen in our America”

Why would any minority American be a Democom?

During the second revolution (the Civil War) true Americans fought for the freedom for all of Americans. Now, the Democoms in both parties have taken a strong, family and faith-oriented group and are doing their best to destroy them.

Why would any parent be a Democom?

The Democoms with the help of the federal Department of Education, or should we say the department of propaganda, have successfully removed the history of a great country, patriotism, morality and common sense and are replacing those with Common Core, to complete the socialist agenda.

Why would any veteran be a Democom?

The Democoms in both parties are weakening our military with their liberal agendas, replacing strong generals with weaker, more liberal generals. Why are they destroying our nuclear arsenal as the Shanghai Alliance grows, with six member states including China and Russia and five observer states including Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan? And, last but not least, they are removing God, and those of us who have been there know how important God was.

Chuck White