Left and right

To the Editor,

The most ethical, most transparent and, more importantly, the most liberal government in American history regularly, and as a matter of policy, spies on its citizens and those of other nations, and even on its own complicit, lapdog media. Lies are reeled out like trans-ocean telephone cable. If discovered, the lies are simply ignored, or lied about. Liberty suffers, as taxes and regulation increase; government grows inexorably, drawing ever more power unto itself.

Those who resist increasing governmental authority, as well as those in the media with the audacity to actually report blunders and more egregious offenses and falsehoods, are harassed by dangerously empowered agencies. From which of these, I wonder, will our very own Gestapo eventually emerge?

Liberals and Democrats were outraged when Nixon – and G.W. Bush – supposedly did these things. Times have changed.

The Constitution is ignored, as industries are nationalized and, I remind you, individual “czars” are handed virtually unlimited power to attend their duties, with unspoken allegiance to one person: Barack Obama, Communist dictator.

In Obama and his comrades, we increasingly see the true face of modern liberalism: not kindness and heartfelt compassion, but rather, power-lust and heartless oppression.

None of this perilous behavior is from the right; this is all you, lefties. I don’t doubt that some of you actually approve; liberalism is, essentially, totalitarian in nature, and couldn’t care less about other opinions or opposing majorities. That’s why we have the increasingly laughable fiasco of Obamacare, despite the fact that 70 percent of Americans disapproved, when it was passed. Numbers have fluctuated since, but the majority was always opposed. Millions attended thousands of tea parties and protest rallies. At town hall meetings, they confronted and berated their representatives over the issue, often only to be assaulted by pro-Obama union thugs planted in the crowd.

Elite, “establishment Republicans” are no better; having effectively gutted their party as an opposition force, it often seems they’re collaborating with their “opponents.” They also seem more than willing to hand the country in perpetuity to the Democrats, with an insane amnesty bill enfranchising tens of millions of illegals, almost-guaranteed Democrat voters. Why? To satisfy wealthy patrons who want cheap labor? Many, perhaps most, of these illegals are in California and Texas which, with their electoral votes, would make it virtually impossible for Republicans to ever win the presidency, again.

We “Americanist conservatives” display many flags at our demonstrations besides the American flag: state flags; the Gadsden; the Liberty Tree; the banner of the Culpepper Minutemen. At least they’re all ours. though; people can know where our loyalties truly lie.

Leftists display many flags at demonstrations, too, besides the American flag; from Vietnam War protests to Occupy Wall Street, we’ve seen flags of North Vietnam, the USSR, China, Cuba, etc. We know where their loyalties truly lie, as well, because so many of the flags they carry have not been ours, representing nations where oppressive government is the accepted norm.

Leftism: supporting tyranny and empowering tyrants, since the French Revolution.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rob Denham