Comments on the holiday

To the editor:

I wanted to comment on this holiday so far as it goes with me.

Every year people want to show all these great deeds and claim God is part of it. Well, if you do read the Bible, he’s not. I’ll tell you about God and one of the ways he works. Last year, I was trash picking and a lady down by Trinity Medical Center East, said, “Hey you, yea you, come here if you want this,” and she held out some dollar note, and then as I was going along, some nameless person said, “Here is a coupon someone gave me. I don’t need it, and well for this is God at work.”

I know everybody at this holiday season wants to feel jolly or peachy too, but in all reality this holiday is a shame here in America and Steubenville. I’ve seen God at work here a few times, and it wasn’t put in the paper to pat our back with pride. The God I saw was when I or others who didn’t say what need they had or announce it, and God showed up. The Bible says this God is not mocked, and he’s not a respector of persons so with these acts of respect and favoritism, who is really serving God?

P.S. – I’m not the William Murray who is a good barber, who is a kind and decent man. I’m the one nobody knows, but I am eyes and ears in our little small area attempting to show how God is and how he wants us all to react to him. For me, I don’t need my name in paper or my picture to get God’s approval or godly praise. It comes natural when you follow a real risen savior with your whole heart.

William Murray