Concerns exist in Edison Local

To the editor:

This is a letter of concerns about the Edison Local School District. I know the district has for some time tried to pass a levy to fund its expenses and wish lists, but by now it should be obvious the public does not buy into it.

Yes, the schools need money, but the levies state nothing new for the student. The students are what the district is there for. We seem to have enough money to hire all the coaches and staffing we need but charge the student to play. If your student is smart enough to make Beta Club, you have to pay for that, and the list goes on to cover all activities and some classes.

The large concern is now the busing or non-busing of high school students. The buses are still running, same drivers, same buses, almost the exact same routes, we just don’t pick up the ninth- through 12th-grade students and the buses come to the high school almost empty with two or three students, and some are empty, at least at times.

This same thing occurs at the end of the school day when a few of the seventh- through eighth-graders are allowed to ride, but the rest of the high schoolers are to find another way home as they watch the buses leave to make their trips past the students’ homes. There can be no or little savings in this, other than the state’s law, which states you do not have to bus high school students. It does not say “you shall not,” so this is only a punitive act from the board and administrators. All those responsible for this should be ashamed for the waste of tax dollars and the burden on the parents. Meet me at the school and see for yourself.

We need money, yes, it is agreed. Where will it come from? The same old real estate box of making the home owners alone pay this price? Let’s move away from that box and look at something new. Why is income tax a dirty word and real estate tax not? As of the year 2012, there are 183 school districts in Ohio which are helping to fund their schools with an income tax, from one-half of a percent to 2 percent – the tax varies from district to district. What is the advantage of this? It seems simple – everyone pays the income tax, not just the homeowner. This is not the only answer but it is a start.

What if the state, in all its forward thinking of education, should reserve a portion of all natural resources for education, allotted to the districts from which they are extracted, or whatever? What if we had put this in place before say back in the 1950s before we stripped the world of the coal, oil and gas?

Okey B. Nestor