Firefighters earn thanks

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Steubenville police and fire departments and surrounding fire departments for responding to the fire at the Creegan Co. building.

This fire was so intense and massive that it overwhelmed me to the point I thought the whole block was going to burn down. I begged them to protect and save our building. They responded by spraying a water curtain down the side of our building that formed an ice blanket that repelled hot embers and burning debris. They also crawled up the alley with a fire hose and two guys wrestled this hose to beat the fire back into the Creegan building.

This was a true act of bravery. We are lucky to have such qualified and professional fire and police departments serving our community. On behalf of my family and the employees of Borden Office Equipment Co., thank you for saving our company.

Jerry R. Simpson

Owner and president

Borden Office Equipment Co.