Good news about our area

To the editor:

You know, most Sundays when I read the letters to the editor, there is something negative about Steubenville of Wintersville. Let me tell you some very good things about them.

I was given the news from my doctor that I had between three and six months to live. I have cancer all through my body. I had no life insurance, so my family decided to have a benefit for me. They went to businesses in Wintersville and Steubenville asking for donations for a Chinese auction. It was unbelievable how the small businesses came through for me and donated a lot items for the auction. The “larger” stores said they don’t do that, but the hometown stores really came through.

I want to thank each and everyone one of you who helped my husband, Lester, and me. I can die in peace knowing my husband is not left with thousands of dollars in funeral costs.

So you see, Wintersville and Steubenville are not bad towns – they treated us like family. Thanks again.

Rita Lemley