Haves and have-nots

To the Editor,

Trying to understand what the Intelligentsia write and do they believe it.

“President Obama should spend some time in Vegas. Maybe then he would understand capitalism better.” From a column originally published in December 2012, reprinted while Bill O’Reilly’s on vacation.

I guess what O’Reilly is trying to say casinos when providing slots that mathematically can’t be beaten disguised as entertainment is OK. Putting the casino in the driver’s seat to win all the time. A most regressive tax I say.

O’Reilly’s version of capitalism. Bottom line: “Both the wealthy and the poor in Vegas are exercising their personal freedoms. The rich 1 percenters hustling the gambling tables are trying to increase their affluence by taking chances.”

“The have-nots sit on sidewalks hoping for money from passersby, sometimes gamblers toss the beggars casino chips.”

Whatever made the O’Reilly Factor think he and the rest of the conservative Intelligentsia think they could persuade anyone how great it is to be down and out, homeless and poor. Try harder to get a job, if you’re not rich or fit to work, too bad because entitlements you’ll get no more.

In O’Reilly’s own words, the 1 percent rich inside, the have-nots sit on the sidewalks.

Come on man! O’Reilly can’t be serious.

Steve Kopa