Let us show kindness

To the editor:

All through the year we go back and forth with our opinions in the letters to the editor.

Some are thankful, some are not. A few letters are very harsh with name-calling and self-importance and several hit the nail on the head.

Through it all, we see those who have written strong opinions and are chastised by the other writers. Then, they surprise us by faithfully submitting a letter that will change our thoughts of them.

They can come across as a likeable person who may have as many hurts and worries as we do.

I’ve learned so much about people by reading their letters. Life is too short to treat someone like an outcast because they have their own opinion.

I should be kinder and more understanding with my words. In this season of peace, I apologize for my rudeness.

We have all been told that it takes one candle to light the darkness and a few words to end the bitterness. Let me light that candle and stop the words that are so heartless.

As we begin to see all of the lights of Christmas, many thoughts come to mind.

We struggle through an unsure world. Our friends have lost their spouses, their homes and everything they have.

We see those who stand in line at food shelters to collect a few boxes that will last a short time.

It is then that we stop crying about our own needs and look to so many who have less than we do.

I focus on the children who will think Santa has forgotten them this year, for there won’t be any toys under the tree.

I worry about the parents who have lost their jobs or their health care.

It should be a joyful time when fears are calmed and suffering is erased.

We are in a season when the faithful celebrate the birth of a child born in Bethlehem, but how do we follow the grace and goodness that Jesus gave throughout his life?

How many have fallen away from God, but forgot to be thankful for all he has given us?

We have our lasting friends, wonderful neighbors and a caring companion.

We have the memories of the loved ones who are no longer with us.

Who will spend one moment looking at the North Star and know why we celebrate Christmas?

As Tiny Tim said in the story of “A Christmas Carol,” “God bless us, one and all.”

Let us be a little kinder to each other.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and farewell to the other writers. It is time to put my pen to rest – and Santa, may I please have that clown car to add to my huge collection of clowns?

Carol Bednar-Hauber

Piney Fork