Liars, rich Democrats and more

To the Editor,

Liar, Liar, your pants are on fire! I wonder how many pairs of pants that Obama has gone through! If he were Pinocchio, his nose would be about a block long.

Let us talk about the rich. I would guess that every one of you would have your own opinion of who is rich. This is my take on the rich. Anyone who earns a million dollars a year is rich.

According to many liberals, only Republicans are rich. How about Congress? They are not all GOP. How about all the rich professional sports players? They are not all GOP. How about all those rich Hollywood people? They are not all GOP. And by the way, there is a family called Kennedy and they are filthy rich and they are Democrats! Anyone care to dispute the above, raise your hands.

A writer in a recent letter stated that Jesus would be a Democrat. How dare he indicate that Jesus would get involved in something corrupt as politics. But I know what Jesus would say. He would tell you to heed commandments 7 and 10 of the 10 He gave us!!

In closing, there should be no law that states that any money I pay for health insurance premiums should be used to pay abortions, birth control or any other procedures.

If a person chooses to play, then you better be prepared to pay for it.

Ray Kaczynski