Memories of special person

To the editor:

It was another special day on Dec. 7, because it was a day in which three families would enjoy going together, as they had many years in the past, on their annual Christmas tree farm outing to cut the perfect tree for home. Pictures were taken and snowballs were thrown. A great day for all, and one to remember.

Trees cut and loaded, we parted ways. Adam Matthews looked at me from his driver’s seat and waved goodbye. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would see him in this lifetime, for a few hours later he would be gone and a family would never be the same.

I’m writing now because in the following few days I witnessed, and will never see again, such an outpouring of love, which was shown to the Matthews family. Literally, hundreds and hundreds of family, friends and community members who have been touched by Adam came to show their sympathy. My heart asked, “How could someone so young mean so much to so many?”

At the funeral, I sat in my car somewhere in the middle of the parade of love, unable to see the lead car so far ahead or the one on the tail end, so far behind. It was a procession that stretched from one end of Toronto to the other. It was then that the full impact hit me of how much Adam was loved.

At the gravesite at Sugar Grove Cemetery every entrance and exit and driveway was full of autos and no more room was left available. People had to walk in bitter cold through the snow.

Final words were withheld until all could reach the gravesite.

I want to thank the staff at Clarke Funeral Home and the Toronto Police for handling the traffic problems I know they had.

And to Sue, Doug, Ashley and Austin: What a wonderful comfort it must be for you to know that Adam (and your family) are so deeply loved by so many.

Al Arabia